A Rare Snow Day for Us

We almost never see snow in December in Georgia.  If it snows at all, it will be in January or February … if we are lucky.

After a forecast of a “sprinkle of snow” and “no accumulation”, we received around 5-7 inches of snow.  This is a lot of snow for us.  Schools closed early on Friday and school was cancelled the following Monday.  Every kids’ dream.

We had a blast in this unusual, wonderful, “schedule clearing” weekend, throwing snowballs, sledding, walking in the woods, drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn, and watching movies.

A great way to kick off the Christmas season.

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Volleyball Focal Point

Many times I am authorized to use some of the athletes in my sports photography but have a hard time maneuvering around those I am not authorized to use.  These photos are too good NOT to post, but I gave a little bit of an enhanced focal point and some editing action to help show the awesomeness of this amazing volleyball player and blur out the players I could not use.  I saw some awesome strength on the court during this photo shoot!

CarmenNew-79 WM Miniature EffectCarmenNew-83 WM EffectCarmenNew-86 WM Miniature EffectCarmenNew-113 WM EffectCarmenNew-114 WM Effect

Prints for Sale!

Did you know there are 95 days until Christmas??  No need to panic!  I’m here to help!!

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, please consider buying a print from my 2017 Nature Gallery.  It is filled with beautiful photos of flowers, seagulls, animals, sunflowers, etc from this past year.   Photos are beautifully printed.  8 x 10 prints are just $10.00.  5 x 7 prints are $7.00.   Photos can be also be printed on canvas and metals.  Take a look by clicking the link below.



Fall is in the Air

I love to get outside and just take photos… of anything.  It is very peaceful and relaxing for me.  I see birds, flowers, butterflies, and especially this time of year… the leaves that are starting to change colors and “fall”.

Some might think that Fall Leaves are just “dead” leaves, but to me… they are filled with beautiful patterns, textures, and colors, as they have completed their time of service and get to go out in style. 🙂

I guess it all depends on your perspective.

I love the change of season…especially this one.

Find Beauty in all things.

Fall LeavesFall Leaves-2Fall Leaves-4Fall Leaves-5Fall Leaves-6Fall Leaves-7Fall Leaves-8