20th Anniversary Photo Shoot

Ray Photo Shoot-42WMWhat an honor to photograph our friends and fellow baseball family for their 20th Wedding Anniversary!  We went back to the gazebo where they got married and we had a blast doing this photo shoot.  Photo shoots should be relaxed and fun.  I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity to celebrate this special event with them.

1Ray Photo Shoot1wmRay Photo Shoot-3 WMRay Photo Shoot-16 WMRay Photo Shoot-20 WMRay Photo Shoot-34 WMRay Photo Shoot-44 WMRay Photo Shoot-60 WMRay Photo Shoot-73 WMRay Photo Shoot-79 WMRay Photo Shoot-84 WMRay Photo Shoot-94wm1Ray Photo Shoot1-5 WM

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