Sammy’s New Collar and Leash

My dog, Sammy, is such a ham!  I think he knows how cute he is.  Today, I put a new collar and leash on him made from my friend at  He loved it.  Of course, he got excited because he was going for a walk but he strutted around our house right by my side until we went OUTSIDE.  I took him outside to get a few pictures and of course, he was so patient, obedient, and did what I needed him to do.  He’s such a good boy.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, check out  They have some really cute handmade products.  They also made this leash and collar by hand.  The leash and collar set is soft, cute, comfortable, AND durable.  The leash also comes with a cute poo bag holder.  Check out their website and their products and don’t forget to shop for your furry friends.  Sammy approves for sure!!

Sammy Collar-Leash-2Sammy Collar-LeashSammy Collar-Leash-4Sammy Collar-Leash-5Sammy Collar-Leash-6Sammy Collar-Leash-8Sammy Collar-Leash-9Sammy Collar-Leash-11

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