Fall Family Portraits

October is a stunning month to take family photos. Once the rain clears and the leaves start to change colors, add in some “golden hour” from the sun and you’ve got yourself a beautiful scene for photos. I will take these photos late in the day 1+ hour before sunset in one of our beautiful local parks and you’ve got yourself a nice backdrop. Photo Shoots are relaxed, fun, easy!

Senior Photo Shoots

I love to photograph in our beautiful area parks. Senior Photos are very enjoyable to take and can be a lot of fun. I will photograph these in an area park and take advantage of the lighting produced by the gorgeous sun during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is 1 hour before sunset and can give us some stunning golden color. Teens can feel a little awkward during a photo shoot but I like for them to feel comfortable, pose them naturally, and let them totally be themselves. If they are having fun, it will show in their photos.

These images were taken at Newtown Park, Wills Park, Barrington Hall and Downtown Norcross, just to name a few.

A Girls’ Weekend in Chattanooga

My daughter and I enjoyed a nice mother/daughter weekend in Chattanooga while my husband and son stayed home and rode go karts.   I started taking my daughter’s Senior Photos (I am still choking on that phrase) while in some very characteristic Chattanooga spots. I still can’t believe she’ll be a Senior in high School next year.  Enjoy every moment, my friends!  Time passes by just too fast.

These photos are from the Tennessee Aquarium.  It is a beautiful place.  More photos to come.

Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-24Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-23Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-22Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-21Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-20Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-19Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-18Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-17Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-16Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-15Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-14Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-13Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-12Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-11Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-10Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-9Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-8Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-7Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-6Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-4Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-3Tennessee Aquarium w Georgia WM-2

Gorgeous Creature

This gorgeous creature has landed on our deck railing a few times in the past couple of weeks, but my camera is usually in the other room.  This day I happened to have it within reach and was able to capture this shot.  He definitely had his eye on something but I definitely had my eye on him!


First Morning Light

The hubby and I took a beach trip together for our 20th Anniversary without kids and we had a wonderful time.  Most of the week there was rain but the clouds and storms in the distance that made for some beautiful photos.  This is one of my favorite moments…. I woke up around 5am this particular morning, looked out the window and saw this!  I have always loved the beach and scenes like this are one of the reasons why!  Every day is different and provides a beautiful, new canvas to work with.  One day I hope to live there.  🙂


Beautiful morning shot-First Morning Light


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Doughnut Day2-1WM