Gorgeous Creature

This gorgeous creature has landed on our deck railing a few times in the past couple of weeks, but my camera is usually in the other room.  This day I happened to have it within reach and was able to capture this shot.  He definitely had his eye on something but I definitely had my eye on him!


A Rare Snow Day for Us

We almost never see snow in December in Georgia.  If it snows at all, it will be in January or February … if we are lucky.

After a forecast of a “sprinkle of snow” and “no accumulation”, we received around 5-7 inches of snow.  This is a lot of snow for us.  Schools closed early on Friday and school was cancelled the following Monday.  Every kids’ dream.

We had a blast in this unusual, wonderful, “schedule clearing” weekend, throwing snowballs, sledding, walking in the woods, drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn, and watching movies.

A great way to kick off the Christmas season.

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Volleyball Focal Point

Many times I am authorized to use some of the athletes in my sports photography but have a hard time maneuvering around those I am not authorized to use.  These photos are too good NOT to post, but I gave a little bit of an enhanced focal point and some editing action to help show the awesomeness of this amazing volleyball player and blur out the players I could not use.  I saw some awesome strength on the court during this photo shoot!

CarmenNew-79 WM Miniature EffectCarmenNew-83 WM EffectCarmenNew-86 WM Miniature EffectCarmenNew-113 WM EffectCarmenNew-114 WM Effect


Today, we FINALLY got an opportunity to visit the The Anderson’s Sunflowers in Cumming, GA.  It was an awesome place to visit!  I love sunflowers and really enjoyed being around so many of them.  It is a wonderful place to take pictures and a photographer’s dream!  You can even buy some to take home with you or pick your own! Hope you enjoy and if you have a chance, go for a visit and take your camera!